TAdvColumnGrid drag file into cell

I need to be able to drag a file from Windows desktop (or a folder) into a cell of my TAdvColumnGrid.

I would like for the filename and path to then be displayed in that cell.
It looks like I can do this with grid.DragDropSettings and OleAcceptFiles.
Unfortunately I don't have much experience with Drag and Drop. Normally I do this by setting DragAcceptFiles(Handle, true); upon the creation if form, then use a message map and corresponding function to put dragged files where I need them.
What is the best way to achieve this with the TAdvColumnGrid?
Thanks in advance,

I think I answered my own question, at least for a single file drag / drop operation - set AdvColumnGrid::DragDropSettings and AdvColumnGrid::OleAcceptFiles to true, and utilize AdvColumnGrid::OnOleDropFile() event.


Yes, this is correct.