AdvStringGrid Drag&Drop Rows


Delphi XE3 Pro
I want to use TAdvStringGrid in a way that the user can fill the one col grid with certain content (pictures, grids, RichText) and then rearrange the order with Drag&Drop for of a report.
Filling the different content works, but Drag&Drop seems only to copy respectively overwriting the content of one row to the other, instead of removing the dragged row and inserting it in new position. This leaves me with one content deleted and another doubled.
Also I use individual row height, but drag & drop doesn't switch the row heights, so that the content doesn't fit the new row.
Is this an error in my options or is this the desired behaviour?

My options according to this example:
Navigation.AllowClipboardAlways := true;
Navigation.AllowClipboardColGrow := true;
Navigation.AllowClipboardRowGrow := true;
Navigation.AllowFmtClipboard := true;
Navigation.AllowInsertRow := true;

DragDropSettings.OleDropSource := true;
DragDropSettings.OleDropTarget := true;
DragDropSettings.OleEntireRows := true;
DragDropSettings.OleInsertRows := true;
DragDropSettings.OleRemoveRows := true;

thanks for any help

We've investigated this and with the setting AllowFmtClipboard, there was indeed a shortcoming in this area.
We've addressed this and in the next update, row moving via drag & drop will use the row heights and will also move the cell content like pictures, controls, ... with following setup:

  advstringgrid1.DragDropSettings.OleDropTarget := true;
  advstringgrid1.DragDropSettings.OleDropSource := true;
  advstringgrid1.DragDropSettings.OleEntireRows := true;
  advstringgrid1.DragDropSettings.OleInsertRows := true;
  advstringgrid1.DragDropSettings.OleRemoveRows := true;
  advstringgrid1.Options := advstringgrid1.Options + [goRowSelect];
  advstringgrid1.Navigation.AllowFmtClipboard := true;
  advstringgrid1.Navigation.AllowClipboardAlways := true;
  advstringgrid1.Navigation.AllowInsertRow := true;
  advstringgrid1.Navigation.AllowClipboardRowGrow := true;

Thank you, I'll wait for the update then instead of doing this manually.

If we set:
DragDropSettings.OleDropSource := true;
DragDropSettings.OleEntireRows := true;
DragDropSettings.OleCopyAlways := true;

Then it's very hard to get into manual edit for combobox by clicking on that cell.

can we change something or is this an issue in the component source?

I tested this with a default grid on the form and the code

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
with advstringgrid1 do
Options := Options + [goEditing];
DefaultEditor := edComboEdit;
DragDropSettings.OleDropSource := true;
DragDropSettings.OleEntireRows := true;
DragDropSettings.OleCopyAlways := true;

and I cannot see a problem.