Tadvspinedit issue in latest build

Between and of AdvSpin.pas something causes both the spinedit box height and font height to increase in size compared to the design size. This happens when my app is run either on my primary monitor (192) or secondary monitor (120). The app is built with Delphi 10.4.2. In a vertical column of advspinedit components the fields all now overlap instead of being spaced apart.

Do you have more details?
I checked here comparing a TAdvSpinEdit with a standard VCL TEdit and the font size & control height remain the same on different DPIs?

I will try to build a small sample program and send it. I saw the problem in more than one of our applications before I reverted to the previous release of this unit.

The font and field size do not change on moving between different DPI monitors. They are enlarged incorrectly on both.

Please send a sample.
Did you compare with TAdvEdit or the standard VCL TEdit?

I have now restored the original (latest) advspin.pas, rebuilt the TMS component BPL/DCPs, repeated the unchanged Finalbuilder project to rebuild our applications, and cannot reproduce the problem in any of the applications which use this component. The oversized fields and fonts in the screen shot I e-mailed to you no longer appear. I will check again after the next TMS update.

In order to be able to locate and when needed fix this issue, we will really need a sample source project with which we can reproduce this. With a new test app created here or with our demos & test code, we could not see a problem so far.

I understand that well; I also have long experience in supporting software users myself. But I have no explanation for why I can no longer reproduce the problem, which used to be highly visible. You may close this case.