TAdvSmoothPopup problem with HighDPI on system with 2 monitor

I have a problem with an application using TAdvSmoothPopup (TMSVCLUI Pack v. ) compiled with RAD Studio Alexandria 11.2 patch 1 Version 28.0.46141.0937 with Delphi/C++ 11 Alexandria update 2 installed.

The application run on Windows 11 Enterprise (Version 22H2 , OS build 22621.1105) system configured with two monitors in Extend mode, main monitor with Display resolution 3840x2400 and Scale 250%, secondary monitor with Display resolution 2560x1440 and Scale 100%.

I uploaded a pdf documents with description and images of the problem and a sample application used to reproduce the bug.
AdvSmoothPopupBug.pdf (89.8 KB)
AdvSmoothPopupBug.zip (1.7 KB)


We have found the issue and the problem will be fixed in the next update of the TMS VCL UI Pack.

If possible send us the fixed unit so we can test it in our application and speed-up the deploy of the new release of our application.

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Hi to all,
we continue to see a wrong behaviour if in the project is set:
Manifest->Options->DPI Awarness = Per Monitor V2

The components TAdvSmoothPopup seem to work right if we set
Manifest->Options->DPI Awarness = GDI Scaling
But with this set in our application appear other problem on TAdvSmoothDock component, when the scale is different to 100% the TAdvSmoothDock don't work as expected, don't capture mouse movement and mouse click.

Please tell us what must do the Project settings and verifiy all TAdvSmooth component set.


We are currently working to fine-tune the fix to make sure that it works with Per Monitor V2 on Delphi 11.
We'll send another update when we were able to pinpoint the problem and solved it.

did you have some news about this issue?

We further worked on it and will send an incremental source update.

We do some more test and this is the results, pay attention that also components displayed inside the popup panels aren't scaled as expected.
We do the test with the last TMS VCL UI Package ver.

Here the test application:
BUG_TAdvSmoothPopup.zip (20.5 KB)

Here the bug documentation:
TAdvSmoothPopup bug.pdf (144.8 KB)

did you have investigate about this issues?
Today a lot of persons use 2 monitor systems where one of the monitor is 4K