TAdvSmoothMegaMenu problem with HighDPI on system with 2 monitor

Tested with VCL UI Pack v. and RAD Studio 11.2 Patch 1

Wrong scaling of font and dropdown down menù font and dropdown size, her the description:
TAdvSmoothMegaMenu.pdf (163.3 KB)

Here the test application:
BUG_TAdvSmoothMegaMenu.zip (7.9 KB)

We are checking if we can do anything about this as this is mainly build out of Windows controls.

did you have investigate about this issues?
Today a lot of persons use 2 monitor systems where one of the monitor is 4K


At this moment, we noticed TAdvSmoothMegaMenu is not yet High DPI enabled. We'll allocate time to further investigate this here and see if and when we can apply the necessary changes.