TAdvSmoothImageListBox Zoom out on DblClick

We have some customers who whish to zoom out on DblClick only. In the version history i see it was like this in the first release. Where can i easily change the behavouir?

Furthermore could you publish a property to this? This would be great!

Thanks for your support


AdvSmoothImageListBox has a property ZoomOnDblClick:

Hi Peter,
This property has been set already. The ZoomIN works as expected than.
But i talk about ZoomOUT. I would like the same behaviour on zoom out too (DblClick).


We will add this on our todolist for investigation.

Hi thanks,
If you're ready - could you even post a short-term workaround to me? The problem is: some users do always doubleclick. And the second click on zoom out does create some unexpected actions (at anyplace under the cursor).

Was followed up by email.