TAdvSmoothListBox problem

To show detail TAdvSmoothListBox, one must select the item first or click exactly on the text, otherwise it remembers old itemindex.

Double-clicking on unselected item left or right graphic or slightly above or below text brings details for currently selected item.
Very annoying behavior


We have investigated this here but we are unable to reproduce this in the exact same circumstances. Can you provide us with a sample that is able to reproduce this so we can investigate this here?

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I narrowed down this problem, it is the graphic left and graphic right area which does not react to mouse click, double click, drag... should be easy to reproduce if you use some bigger graphics.

We have tested this here but are not able to reproduce this, are you using the latest version? Can you send us a sample that is able to reproduce this issue?

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I was incorrect, it is the selection which does not change by clicking on graphic (I get event). Let me know if you still can not reproduce, I'll send you sample.

This is by design, The selection doesn't change when clicking on the graphic. Instead a separate event is triggered.

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Then I suggest to add an option to change this behavior. 

From the graphic click event handler you can set the selected item at application level if there is a need for this. We did not want to force this automatically from the component.

This was also cause of the problem for showing detail list, drag&drop, etc. It just make more sense for me when click on item selects it automatically. Especially when it works everywhere outside images.

A sample from my app, I use this control extensively:

There are customers who prefer just the click action happens, others prefer a selection also happens. With the current implementation, both are possible.