Bing Maps: ZoomOnWheelScroll


If Option "ZoomOnDblClick"= False, then
ZoomOnWheelScroll stops working for msBingMaps.

Thank you


We have investigated this here and applied a fix/workaround. To explain more in detail: there was an issue that ZoomOnDblClick was mapped on disableZooming. disableZooming flag was also disabling mousewheel scroll zooming. Unfortunately there was no separate disable double click zoom feature in Bing Maps so it was all or nothing. Therefore we have added our own implementation with the mouse wheel and double click event handler. As we are targetting V8 there is no zoom animation implemented when programmatically zooming, so that effect will be different compared to the previous version, where zooming with the mousewheel was causing an animation. The next version will introduce the new behaviour but will have a consistent interaction between all services with the ZoomOnDblClick and ZoomOnWheelScroll properties.
Thanks again Pieter!
I'll continue "maps migration" and will report any new issues if found.
We are absolutely Ok from next POV :-)

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Next version is uploaded and available.

Thank you. It works fine.

Thank you for your feedback!