TAdvSmoothImageListBox Zoom problem

I am trying to use TAdvSmoothImageListBox, creating Images dynamically and loading from stream. When I use zoom, it basically re-size thumbnail picture instead of original picture, so the quality of zoomed image is too bad.

I was trying to play with properties but can't figure out how do set it up correctly. I read the pdf and looked on examples, basically all examples are loading from files (with different method) and the db example shows the same problem I have (although I don't know if the quality of original pictures in the db demo is better than thumbnails). Any advice? 

When loading images other than via thread, the images are loaded at the itemappearance imagewidth / ItemWidth and imageheight / ItemHeight properties. changing the ItemWidth to a large value before loading them, and changing them to a lower value after loading the images should give you a better quality image when zooming.

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Thank you, this solved it.