TAdvPanelGroup enhancements/redesign


multiple wishes/ideas:
a) I'd like to have a TAdvPanelGroup (APG) with e.g. 2 (or more) columns, Align = alClient, and all panels with a FixedWidth that does not get changed by the APG - ever! Instead the APG should display the remaining, unused space to the right of it's own area. The same should be possible with the vertical dimension (FixedHeight stays fixed, unuses space at the bottom).
The aim of this is to have it allow rearrangement of all panels in sort of a "grid" coordinate system with points determined by e.g. FixedWidth, FixedHeight, HorzPadding, VertPadding.

b) either create a "AdvSmoothPanelGroup" or add property "Fill (TGDIPFill)" instead of "Background" image

c) as I recently reported that TAdvPanelGroup has issues while scrolling with multiple panels, it was suggested to put a TAdvPanelGroup inside a AdvPanel and activate it's caption and statusbar.
Couldn't the AdvPanelGroup do that itself by a design change rather than descending from TAdvPanel itself?
Or otherwise descend from TCustomAdvPanel and remove/deactivate Caption and Statusbar properties completely.