Request: Frames, Shapers and true transparency

I'd like to have a TAdvSmoothFrame with the same graphic properties of a SmoothPanel, and a way to "shape" also TFrames and TPanels too (or the Adv/Smooth equivalent of them).
Even a way to do "straight angled" shapes not based on bitmaps whould be nice.
As example, a way to "draw" a "L" shaped panel, and have it drawing his border with the "round" and border properties already defined in its FILL property.

Finally, transparency on rounded panels (or/and shadows) does not works always well.
In my case i have a "floating" panel over a TeeChart and it shows (in the outside of the rounded corners and under the shadow) the form color, not the TeeChart.
I understand that full transparency is somewhat hard to archieve when components are one over another (i still have to succeed in that) but it would be nice to have it.

Thanks for your suggestions. We'll investigate what could be feasible to do in this area.