TAdvPanelGroup Need Help

Trying to learn to use TAdvPanelGroup.  Have one AdvPanelGroup containing two additional AdvPanelGroups in two columns.  Can't seem to get the two child AdvPanelGroups to have equal space (margin/padding?) left and right to have them appear to be equally spaced in the parent AdvPanelGroup.  Please advise the proper properties to set,.  Setting the parent HorzPadding value always gives more space to the left of the first column therefore I can never have them look equally spaced horizontally.  Padding and Margins are confusing me with this component.  Thank you!

We have investigated this and found an issue with HorzPadding when multiple columns are used. This is meanwhile fixed and the next update will address this.

Please consider a horizontal pad left and a horizontal pad right.  I have found a good use for having the left pad greater than the right (as it is now) as I can place a vertical label to the left of the panel group.  Looks great!  Thank you!