TAdv...Panel and ClientHeight

Working with a TAdvSmoothPanel i noticed that the ClientHeight and the ClientWidth does not takes in account the Padding properties. So to find the "real" Client[ available space it is necessary to do some computation. Should not the Client variables take the Padding values in account?

Tested here with 2 panels the ClientWidth and ClientHeight do not take the Padding values in account. This is the default behavior, wanting the correct values needs manual calculation with the padding values taken into account.

Ok, thanks.
I disagree a bit that this should the behaviour: shadows, panel caption and rounded corners just eats the "visible" available space, so to me it seems more logical to have the Client dimensions reflect this.
As example, the BevelWidth in standard panels affect the ClientWidth/ClientHeight.,
Anyway, as you say that this is the behaviour you want, i'll bear with it.