TMS VCL High Dpi Issues

Hi, using some of the components on Rad Studio 10.3 on a 1080p 96DPI screen and when dragging onto a 4K 240DPI screen a few of the components dont seem to upscale.

Having problems with the TColumnComboBox stays same size, TAdvToolBarPager caption stays same size with the same size font only the Close X in the right corner seems to resize correctly , TAdvToolBarButtons same size and TAdvCheckTreeView - headers dont resize nor lines nor checkboxes.

Is there something that I need to do please? Or do I need to wait for a fix / patch ???

Many thanks

Is this based on TMS Component Pack v9.2.4.0 (latest release)?

Hi Bruno, 

Yes it is. I removed the previous version we bought and just installed the new versions today.

Just found TDBAdvGlowNavigator image inside the buttons doesnt rescale either. The container box does but not the image. I'm having same problems with the TSpeedbutton delphi component.  

When set via regular picture/bitmap properties, images will not scale (they would look not sharp anyway). Via a virtual imagelist, the images can be used from different sizes.

I dont think TSpeedButton, TAdvToolBarButton and TDBAdvGlowNavigator dont seem to use VirtualImages. 

I did have a play with TButton but I dont want a focus border around them.

With regards to the caption not resizing and the other components AdvCheckedTreeView, TAdvToolBarPager (which I'm using as my forms header), can they be fixed via code or need a fix / patch?


We were able to reproduce the problems you are experiencing with the TAdvCheckedTreeView and TAdvToolBarPager and will try to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you 

Any update on this please? Any fixes in version 10 ???


Both are on the todolist. Due to holiday season in Europe, there is some delay in handling these as we work with reduced staff at this moment.

Please take a look the TadvComboBox scaling when moving from one monitor to another. The label font is too large, almost double of the items in the combo box.

Karim Kouni.  

I cannot reproduce an issue with the associated label font of TAdvComboBox.
Are you using the latest version of the components?

yes. TMS UI Pack 10.0.2, the issue happens randomly when moving a form containing TadvComboBox from one monitor to another.

I drop a TAdvComboBox on the form, set LabelCaption to 'test' and move it from a high dpi monitor to a non high dpi monitor and back and I cannot see an issue here. On the form is a TLabel with the same caption 'test' and the TAdvComboBox label looks identical on both monitors.

Any update please ? just about to download 10.06.  Would this have the dpi fixes please

As explained, a problem could not be reproduced here.
If you still see an issue, can you please provide more details, preferably sample source code + steps with which the problem can be reproduced here?

I thought you had recreated the issue on this post.

The last forum entries here were all about TAdvComboBox, hence, I assumed you referred to TAdvComboBox

No, just my issues please.

Any updates on this please ? I?ve had loads of new versions but as yet none of these are fixed. Thanks. 

Any update please? 

Getting pressured by management wanting to use software on their 4K display and it doesnt work right.