TAdvOfficePager not responding to VCL Styles

Installing the VCL Components 9.2 f..ed up my software in terms of styling.

I had TAdvOfficePager and TAdvNavBar in use with AppStyler, FormStyler and OfficePagerOfficeStyler.
After installing 9.2 they did not reach down to the components. Colors where f..ed up.
So I thought, I'd use the VCL Styles, since they should be supported 

There are no stylers in the program anymore but TAdvOfficePager isn't responding like a normal PageControl. I have no idea where the colors come from. They are not in the vsf file and not set in the program.

TAdvOfficePage has UsePageAppearance and UseTabAppearance set to false and TAdvOfficePager has all StyleElements set to true. If I am right, this should inject the VCL styles into the components.
I tried some different combinations of these settings but none of them worked

How can I make AdvOfficePager respond to VCL styles like the normal PageControl?

Do you have more details?

When selecting any of the TMS Office styles via a TAdvFormStyler for a TAdvOfficePager or TAdvNavBar I can't see any issue here.
Also, when dropping a TAdvNavBar or TAdvOfficePager on the form and selecting a VCL style, these components adapt as expected here.
I'd suggest to contact us by email with more details about your component setup and details about what exactly is visually going wrong.

Ok, I think I'm getting closer.

I add a new project (MDI Application) and insert nothing but a TAdvOfficePager.
Doesn't work.

I add a new SDI project and insert TAdvOfficePager and TPageControl and it looks like this (similar to MDI application):

I use Embarcadero Windows 10 Style but it does not work with other styles either (e.g. delphistyles.com)

Could it be that this is also a problem of Delphi 10.2.2.?

I'm not too enthusiastic to install 10.2.3 or 10.3 during a running project but if that is the solution I will do so.

I cannot see something wrong on your screenshot. When VCL Styles are used, it is picked up by TAdvOfficePager.
The style is interpreted differently than the standard TPageControl as we think ours is better. For selected tabs, we consider it the best approach to have the active tab the same color as the background of the active tabsheet.

Well, maybe that idea should be reconsidered.

But nonetheless I found the source of my problem:
I did not change StyleElements when inserting the components.
The OfficePagerStyler worked well without setting them to false, but after the VCL Style compatibility was implemented this was the show stopper.
So setting seFont, seClient and seBorder to false let me use the OfficePagerStyler in my configuration which is similar to the PageControl styling of the VCL Styles.

Anyway thanks for looking over my questions!