Using 2013 style disrupts other styles

The 2013 styles are causing trouble with form border and title bar when switching back to non-2013 styles, the poly pager is not picking up all 2010/2013 styles correctly. To test do the following:
  • From the wizard create a new "TMS Office 2010 ribbon application".
  • Add an AdvAppStyler and an AdvFormStyler to the main form.
  • Connect the form styler to the app styler.
  • For both stylers set AutoThemeAdapt to "true".
  • Add an AdvPolyStyler to the custom area of the form, add a page to the pager.
  • In the AdvToolBar add 4 buttons with caption "2003", "2007", "2010" and "2013".
  • For the 4 buttons' "OnClick" events set the following code, one line per button:
    • (2003 button)  AdvFormStyler1.Style := tsOffice2003Olive;
    • (2007 button)  AdvFormStyler1.Style := tsOffice2007Obsidian;
    • (2010 button)  AdvFormStyler1.Style := tsOffice2010Blue;
    • (2013 button)  AdvFormStyler1.Style := tsOffice2013LightGray;
Run the application... when clicking the 2003 and 2007 buttons forth and back, the application nicely changes style. When clicking the 2010 button, all but a part of the poly pager changes correctly. When clicking the 2013 button the pager is not updated properly. After the 2013 style was applied, going back to a pre-2013 style introduces an (inactive!) form border and title bar.

Also I am not able to fully apply styles to dialog forms, the form border and title bar are always shown and are default blue. Is there an option I am missing? Thanks for your help!

Note: using the latest component versions under Delphi XE.
The poly pager issue seems a straight forward one. This is the only component I use that has its own "Styles" pop menu entry when working in "Design", and this only has a subset of known styles, all 2010+2013+Win8... are missing. The other components use a "Style" property.

Looking at the AdvPolyPager source, the procedure "TAdvPolyPage.SetComponentStyle" is hardwired and does not know those styles either, no surprise this is not applying them.

Dear Mr. Böge, 

We have investigated this here and have added the remaining styles. The next version will address this.

Kind Regards, 

Will this cover the poly pager and also the strange behavior of the 2013 styles in the application form borders? The later is more critical to me ;-) That I was not yet able to track down further. Thanks for the quick answer, and thanks in advance for the fix! Best regards, Matthias

The Office 2003 and Office 2010/2013 ribbons are quite different, most important is that these use an entirely different application menu. Therefore, switching between these styles at runtime doesn't make much sense. I retested the Office 2010 demo here to switch between Office 2010 & Office 2013 style and couldn't see a problem.