TAdvOfficePager / TAdvPageControl in Windows 11 at hover in controls bad paint


we have a problem with the components TAdvOfficePager and TAdvPageControl in Windows 11 (in clients with this version of windows). In Windows 10, when hovering over the controls with parent TAdvOfficePage or TAdvTabSheet, the effect is correct, but in Windows 11, when hovering over the controls, they are always highlighted or the content is clipped (with TPageControl this does not happens) Is there a solution? Should we configure the components or their style in a specific way?

Is this the latest version of TMS VCL UI Pack?
What Delphi version is used?
What is the style setting for this component?

Hello, the delphi version is 11. I inform you that I just installed the latest version of TMS UI Pack and the problem is solved. Thank you !

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