TAdvMultiColumnDropDown Esc Key

Hi to all,

little problem with the esc (and not only) key in TAdvMultiColumnDropDown.

When the dropdown is show, th control is switched fron the 'edit combo box' to the grid drawned under it.

So any key is pressed is processed from the stringgrid and to the control.

In this situation, if the esc key is pressed, the grid is close, the control return to TAdvMultiColumnDropDown, itemindex is setted to -1 the text is clear and, even is keypreview is true, the key reset.

Can you, please, check this ?

Thank's in advance


It is by design that the ESC key closes the dropdown. This behavior is the same as a regular TComboBox in style csDropDownList.

It is not correct that ItemIndex is set to -1. Upon ESC key, the dropdown just closes and keeps the original ItemIndex.