Edit TAdvStringGrid with TFormControlEditLink

I use a custom Editor in my TAdvStringGrid by using a TFormControlEditLink. The EditStyle is esPopup and it is attached to a TAdvPanel.
When I edit in the Grid, I can go from cell to cell with the keyboard, except when I come into the custom Editor I mentioned. Editing works great, but I can only leave that editor by clicking with the mouse outside the Editor. I would like to leave with a key, e.g. the Esc-key. How can I do that? I tried switching on or off all the 'WantKey...' settings in the TFormControlEditLink, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Are there any controls on the TAdvPanel that might 'consume' the ESC key?

Maybe? I use two different ones. They are both linked to a TAdvPanel.

The first one has a TAdvGroupBox on the Panel and a TAdvStringGrid in the groupbox.

The second one also has a TAdvGroupbox on the panel and in that box a TAdvOfficeComboBox and a few TAdvOfficeCheckboxes.

We created a test project here and could not reproduce an issue with ESC handling
We sent the project directly to your email.


I work under almost the same circumstances as Ronald ( EditStyle = esPopup and a small panel with some buttons and edit). I have to close the editor if we validate by clicking on a button.
The only way I found was to call MyGrid->SetFocus.
Otherwise, the editor remains visible (except by clicking outside).
(I tried MyGrid->HideInplaceEdit() and MyFormControlEditLink->HideEditor(), but doesn't work).

Is there a better way?


We have made an improvement to the FormControlEditLink.HideEditor handling for esPopup editor types. The next update of TAdvStringGrid will have this improvement.