TAdvMultiColumnDropDown strange situation

Hi Bruno .....

   be patient with me ....

Please follow this steps ...

new project, only TAdvMultiColumnDropDown in the form.

Set 3 colums (1,2,3) and set 3 DropDownItems and for each dropdownitem in the text property set 3 line of text each (line 1, line 2, line 3).

At the end set form key preview to true and

procedure TForm1.FormKeyPress(Sender: TObject; var Key: Char);


if Key = #27 then Close;


Run it

As you can see, all work well, if you are in the component, if press esc the program will stop.

Now Step # 1

Set TAdvMultiColumnDropDown.EditorEnabled:=False.

Run It.

open dropdowngrid and press esc, the grid will close (ok), press esc again the form stay open ..

Ok, the editor is not eanabled ... but the esc key must do the close job ....

Now step #2


procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

Var I : Integer;


    // Tjhis is optional ... just to try   

    for I:=0 to MCD1.Items.Count-1 do


   // end optional


with MCD1.Items.Add do


    Text.Add('Linea 1');

    Text.Add('Linea 2');

    Text.Add('Linea 3');


with MCD1.Items.Add do


    Text.Add('Linea 4');

    Text.Add('Linea 5');

    Text.Add('Linea 6');



What append ... ?

Well, very strange situations, for the esc key as above but ...

sometime if j open the grid, choose any item, j have some text in the TAdvMultiColumnDropDown 'text area', if press esc sometime nothing happend, sometime the text will be clear.

When the grid is open and move the cursor via keyboard and press esc, as above problem occured.

If the grid is close and move the arrow key up/down the text will chage with the item list, but if the esc key is press the text will be clear (with the only exception of first position, in this case the text remain visible).

Reset EditorEnabled to true and the esc key return to work well, remove the form create event and use only the dropdownitems setted into the ide and all retrn to work.

If you can't reproduce it .... please accept my apologize.

Thak's for help.


Win 7 pro, Delphi XE 2, latest component version.

Thanks for the additional information.
With this information I could see an issue and it is now traced & solved.
The next update will address this.

Hi Bruno,

Thank's for your help.