TAdvMultiButtonEdit buttons

Bruno already tested this so it is not an obvious bug, and likely is not
a bug but rather a "problem". I had a Windows crash and had to
re-install Delphi and all 3rd party tools. I did, however install a
newer version of the VCL Components at that time. Now my
TAdvMultiButtonEdit buttons do not show as greyed out when disabled.
This is true whether I disable them in code or in the IDE. They appear
greyed out if disabled in the IDE, but then are normal looking when I
run the program. They are indeed disabled, just that they do not look
like they are .... anyone have any ideas about what I should look at?

I cannot see such issue here, so, we'd at least need details, full details of settings, ... other possible details that allow us to reproduce this here.

I have four buttons on each. I have a TImageList on the form that has the images for the buttons. It does not matter whether I disable them in code initially, in the IDE, or dynamically. They appear disabled in the IDE if disabled, but look enabled when running. I tried a test control with pure default settings, and the same for the buttons, except for imageIndex and enabled settings. Not sure what else you need to know.

I'm sorry but I can still not reproduce this.

if a problem persists, please contact us by email and provide a sample source project + detailed steps with which we can reproduce the  problem

I tried creating a new project and copying a control and ImageList and they were greyed when running, but I can't find any relevant settings that are set that could cause this in the project options. 

Without knowing your settings, have a sample source project, more details, ... it's even harder guesswork from our side.

I understand that (I do some tech support myself, but I do not know what settings you need to know. I can't give you a sample project because the one with the problem is huge and connected to a large SQL database.

What settings would you like to know?

So, try to isolate this. Copy this control to a new app, see if the problem still happens. If the problem happens in the isolated app, send it as sample source project.

I did that earlier. I copied one control and the TImagelist. The problem did not exist there, so it would seem to be something in the project options. But I have no clue what it might be since the few I suspected as possible causes are blanks.

I'd look for all code that accesses the control.

The test control has no code attached, I put a new control on the form and added the buttons and linked the ImageList, then made two of the four buttons disabled in the property editor. It fails in my existing project but works fine in the test project. That would imply a problem caused by a project option setting, right?

I'm sorry, I have no idea about your application, how it is build, what its options are, etc.. so I cannot guess what this might be. You could set breakpoints in the property setter methods for the button Enabled properties to see from where it is being called.