AdvGlowButton disabled images showing wrong

I am having a problem with TAdvGlowButtons not showing nicely at run-time when disabled.  At run-time when I disable them they grey out and look fine.  At run-time, however the background of the glyph is converted to black.  This has the odd effect of making them stand out more and look more enabled than the enabled buttons next to them...  See below for screen shots.

How it looks at designed time:

How it looks at run-time:

The images are coming from a PNGImageList.  I use the same sort of setup in numerous other applications and have never had a problem?

Any insight appreciated!

Further note: if I use TBitBtn components (linked to the same action list items) instead, they come up looking disabled.

What is PNGImageList?

Is this a component? I do not have such component named PNGImageList in Delphi.

My apologies...  It is one of the TurboPack components.  I think it's in the GetIt package manager.  It is basically a drop in replacement for stock TImageList that supports PNG's

We do not have this installed here and perform our testing against standard Delphi components + our own components. 

I actually didn't realize it was using this component.  This application goes back to the days when TImageList didn't support PNG's I guess....

I removed the PNGImageList and replaced it with a TImageList and the AdvGlowButtons do the same thing.

Issue reporting basics:

TAdvGlowButton latest version v2.7.0.1?
Delphi version?
Operating system?

TAdvGlowButton version

Delphi 10.1 Berlin
Developing on Win 20 64bit, but the problem manifests at run-time on Win7, Win10 and Server 2016 (so far)
I have tried to reproduce this problem on my system, but everything is working as expected.
We are currently on version, would you be able to update to the latest version of the TMS VCL UI Pack and check if your problem still occurs?

Our subscription license is expired, so I don't think I can access a later version.  I switched the controls out with TBitBtn's and they work fine.  Not quite as sexy, but they work...

Oddly. I have no problems with the AdvGlowButtons in other projects with the same glyph setup (and even the same glyphs)

If a problem persists with the latest version, please provide a sample source project with which we can reproduce this here.