TAdvMainMenu on TAdvToolBar hotkeys work only once

Problem occurs in
  • Rad Studio Tokyo + TMS Component Pack
  • Rad Studio Rio + TMS Component Pack

Reproduction recipe:
  • Create a new VCL project
  • Drop a TAdvDockPanel on the form
  • Drop a TAdvToolbar on the TAdvDockPanel
  • Drop a TAdvMainMenu on the form and assign it to the TAdvToolbar. Set Hotkeys to maManual
  • Create at least two menu entries with a few sub menu entries each. Give each entry a hot key like &File->&New, &File->&Open, &Option->&Settings, &Options->&None
Run the application.
If you press Alt+O, the options will open. Confirm with enter.
Press Alt + O again. Nothing happens.
Click into the Menu. Alt hotkeys work again until you confirm with enter.

Sometimes the hotkeys in the submenus disappear. I haven't found out why

Please refer to the sample AdvtoolBarDemo in the TMS Component Pack demos AdvToolBar demo folder.

This has the same situation with this shortcut Alt-O working (multiple times)
Same problem with your Demo. Press Alt-F + O and then ESC or open a file.
Alt (to activate the menu) or Alt-F won't work again unless you click in the toolbar.

Retested multiple times with the latest version TMS Component Pack and this cannot be reproduced here.

OK, then I'll install and see if it still happens.

Sorry, the same bug using as well as Rio and and Toyko. Confirmed on a colleagues PC, so it shouldn't be specific to my machine.

confirmed -> compiled and executed on his PC

Did you test with our demo?
What are you doing different from our demo in your application?

Test were run using the four combinations: 10.3.1 Rio/10.2.3 Tokyo with TMS components on two different PCs.

1. We were testing with your Demo
2. Our test contains even less code than your demo. Just the three components: TActionlist, TAdvDockPanel, TAdvMainMenu on a TForm

The only obvious difference between your and our application is that Autohotkeys of TAdvMainmenu in our applications is set to maManual, because we wanted to make sure that the keys defined in the action list are used.

I can send you our application (source + compiled exe) via separate mail, if that would help to reproduce the issue.

I use our demo. I set AdvMainMenu.AutoHotkeys = maManual.
I can still start the open file dialog with Ctrl-O multiple times after each other.

Please use the Alt+F O combination several times. This works only once.
Ctrl+O works always.

We received your project via email and will followup this issue from there.