TAdvMainMenu in TAdvToolbar


There's a problem when a TMainMenu or TAdvMainMenu (v is assigned to a TAdvToolbar (v, itself inside a TAdvDockPanel (v or directly on a form.

When one of the menu root items is opened and you move the cursor quickly from one root item to another, the menu gets stuck after a while with only the last opened list active. The whole form seems to have lost "focus" and you need to click on the form to get the menu back to working again.

The same problem can be achieved by moving the cursor up and down an opened list then going back to another root item.

This problem occurs randomly so you may have to try a little while before it happens.
(I have reproduced it in the smallest possible test app and it never misses to happen)

Thanks in advance for your help.

We could reproduce this and we're investigating.

Two other problems I found:

1) Characters with accelerator/hotkeys (defined with '&') are always underlined in the root items whether "Alt" is pressed or not.

2) Shortcuts (ie "F1", "SHIFT+F12", ...) are displayed in menu items but they don't work.

We have a new beautiful menu ready for the 2020 release of our flagship app thanks to TMS, but those problems keep us from validating it for production.

We would be happy even with usable workarounds.


The first point is not supported as this isn't a menu that is shown, but it are actually different ToolBarButtons.

For your second problem this can be solved by adding the following line to the OnShortCut event of the form. Because the shortcuts are handled by the form.
  1. procedure TForm1.FormShortCut(var Msg: TWMKey; var Handled: Boolean);  
  2. begin  
  3.   Handled := AdvToolBar1.IsShortCut(Msg);   
  4. end