TAdvLockApp - Taskbar Preview

I have another issue.

When an app that uses AdvLockApp is unlocked the Aero previews keep the Unlock dialog image. Shouldn't that be restored to normal on an unlock?

I could not reproduce this issue here on window 7 and found that preview is restored properly.

I am using Delphi 7.

I have created a TMS Office 2007 Ribbon application. I have also used the techniques required to make a D7 app behave properly on Win Vista and up. (see http://www.installationexcellence.com/articles/VistaWithDelphi/Original/Index.html)
In order to test what is going on I created a sample using only the TMS Office 2007 app wizard as well as the TAdvLockApp component. What happens is the sample app will lock and will minimize, but it does not minimize to the taskbar it minimizes to the desktop. (The Vista fixes I used in my app do make it minimize to the taskbar however). The sample D7 app taskbar preview continues to show the normal screen even while locked. (my app shows the proper "locked" screen in preview).
When restored my app continues to show the "locked" preview. The sample app shows the proper screen (which had never changed when locked)
If I want to handle the "Preview Screen" myself, what messages would I need to handle?