TAdvLockApp Custom Unlock Dialog

I am trying to use a custom unlock dialog with the TAdvLockApp component. I am using the OnQueryUnlock event to handle showing the dialog.

Everything goes well if my dialog gets the correct unlock password. The problem I have is when the user enters the wrong password. When the password is incorrect and my app sets the AllowUnlock param to false, the default unlock dialog is shown.
This behaviour does not make sense to me. If I am handling the OnQueryUnlock event myself then the component (in my opinion) should not show any dialog.
Is there any way that this could be fixed? Perhaps a property that can be set to never show the default dialog?

You're correct about this issue. We've meanwhile fixed this and can confirm that the next update will address this.

Next update will address this issue through property or by parameter.

Thanks, any idea when it will be available in the component pack? I kind of need it ASAP.


Next TMS Component Pack release data is shown on your  "My products" page.

Hi Bruno,

The fix was only partial. I am still having the issue.
It was repaired in ModalSubClassProc, but was not repaired in SubClassProc or HookProc.

We've corrected this. Contact us by direct email if you need an incremental source update immediately.

Thanks Bruno, I added the fix to the other methods in my source already.