TAdvLockApp does not detect nonidle time

Hi !

I am trying to use the new TAdvLockApp (version component. Problem is that it does not detect that my app is not idle. idle time is 20 sec for test case. Application always locks after 20 sec from start.
I put the component to my apps mainform. What's wrong here ?

Have you tested this on a new VCL app first to test TAdvLockApp and if this works compare what's different in your app? Are you using anything special, special components, techniques that make the app think it continues to be alive?

I have tested TAdvLockApp in simple one form app, it works as expected.

Then when the component is set  to my app main form (with menu etc.), I open a child form, make some activity there by clicking grid for example, but after the idle time (20sec) the app becomes locked, whether there is activity or not:.
Must the component exist in every form of the app, to measure the activity of that form ?
I look at your website, if the form is loaded from DLL-file the situation is different. Most forms of the app are dynamically loaded from BPL, so I must perhaps add some code there. But initially I play  with forms that are in the main exe-file only.

I have retested this with a 2 form app with TAdvLockApp on the main form and showing the 2nd form and this works as expected. Only on the main form you should add TAdvLockApp. If you load the form via a DLL or BPL, I'd suggest to set the Application object of the BPL / DLL to the Application object of the main EXE.

I do not understand this at all, as a test I set Idleminutes=2  (idleseconds=120) or 10 min, no matter.

The app always locks after 10sec !
This also happens in a single form test app, I use Delphi 2009
There must be a bug here. AdvLockApp version is

I just retested it using Delphi2009 but could not reproduce this issue. If I stop working on the form then Application locks after passing IdleSeconds but if I work then it never locks.

It might be helpfull if you provide your sample project. Btw your OS?

Do this:

place a button and a TMemo (name:M) on a blank form
add TAdvLockApp with IdleMinute=10 and enabled=true
add these events:
procedure TForm1.AdvLockApp1Idle(Sender: TObject; var Done: Boolean);
procedure TForm1.AdvLockApp1Lock(Sender: TObject);
procedure TForm1.AdvLockApp1UnLock(Sender: TObject);
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
m.Lines.Add('Button pressed:'+timetostr(now));
Each time you click the button, the app is active, when you stop clicking after about 10-15 sec, the app is locked.
It shoud lock after 10 min !
I have tested this with W2003 Server and W7

This is good description, the difference is you are setting time using IdleMinutes and not by IdleSeconds. Any way we have traced and fixed this issue.