Getting preview in TAdvFileNameEdit

On selecting the file, the preview option looks good, but I can't always get the preview.  

When I open the folder to select the file, I can't seem to just highlight a file name and see a preview.  I have to tab around the form a bit and then I can use the arrow keys to move up / down the files and see a preview.

If I just click on the file name, it selects the file and closes the dialog.

What is the correct procedure to use to insure that a preview is seen?

I guess you refer here to Explorer file preview from Windows?
It is Windows that should remember whether preview is enabled on a folder opened. This isn't something that can't be controlled from the TAdvFileNameEdit component. TAdvFileNameEdit just starts the Windows open file dialog and this Windows dialog uses the user folder settings. I have retested this here to open a folder with preview enabled and this behaves as expected here, I can see the preview also repeatedly when selecting multiple times.

I had preview turned off in my e-mail, to prevent accidental virus activation.  Turning it back on made no difference.  I opened up Windows Explorer, and enabled the preview there as well.  Still no preview.  The preview activates if I tab around the form until it gets back into the file list, but not by just hovering over the filename.  If I click the name, it immediately selects and closes the dialog.  Guess there must be something else set in Windows preventing a clean preview.

I can only assume this is a Windows settings issue as there is no control over this from the shell API to show the folder dialog.