I have a TAdvStringGrid with rows of user profiles and passwords. I fill the cells with '*' to hide the password, until the user clicks in the cell. 

I change the CELLS value to the actual password and allow the user to edit it (editortype = edNormal). When click in another cell, the old cell is reverted to the "hidden" value (new password is saved elsewhere). I do this in the CellsChanging event. Works great.

Problem is: When I change the password cell contents and I click to another (any) cell, the new cell contents disappear. Under debug, the new Cells value is the same (not blank). If I click on the new cell again, the value is displayed. If I do not change the password cell, then and click to a new cell, its value is displayed properly.

I am sure I am missing a step somewhere, but I cannot find an answer.

Great products...

Thanks, Carl

without seeing actual code or property settings, it is hard to guess what exactly is happening in your app.

Why are you not using the more simple built-in solution for passwords, i.e. using the OnIsPasswordCell event and the edPassword inplace editor type?

Didn't see that cell type in docs. I will try that, thanks!