TDBAdvGrid - Password editing


I use TDBAdvGrid. One Field is 30 chars in the database. I want to edit it as a password. So my configuration of the column is:

  • Editor = edPassword
  • Password = Checked

With this configuration I could enter only 8 character - which is strange
Then I configured
MaxSize = 30
Now I can enter as long as the field is - no more !!!
When I want to resize the field - no matter wheather I reduce or increase the size I get a field with the size of 3 char. And there is no more than 3 to enter.

AutoSize is false

How can I use this editfield appropriately?

Best regards,

P.S.: if it is not configured as password it works fine

I could not reproduce this so far.
Test: in the demo ADOEditing, I added in the form constructor

dbadvgrid1.Columns[2].Editor := edPassword;
dbadvgrid1.Columns[2].Password := true;

and can edit passwords in column 2 of any length.

Hi Brunio,

with this Demo I can reproduce the error.

In addition to your change add option goColSizing (for later test)
then you type in. 10 chars fit. Then the box is full. Go on typing . . . .

  1. you hear the sound that you can't type in more
  2. and then expand the Column - there are only 10 chars

my other problem with resizing I solved.

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

works fine, Thank you