TAdvDBDateTimePicker sets dataset to edit mode merely by VISIBLE property change

I have a TAdvDBDateTimePicker having VISIBLE property set to false in design time on a form.
TAdvDBDateTimePicker is connected to TDataSource, which in turn is connected to TDataset.
At run time, I Open the dataset. After that I set VISIBLE property of the TAdvDBDateTimePicker component to TRUE. This triggers EDIT on the dataset, and it should NOT do that. Version

Cannot be reproduced.
See test project.
simple.zip (81.7 KB)

If a problem persists, provide sufficient details / sample source project to allow to reproduce.

It turned out that the key condition for this effect is that the form with control
must be inserted into another form. I upload the modified simple project.
(requires to set project's "outputdir" to directory with database file)
simplemodified.zip (31.6 KB)

We could locate & fix this now. The next update will address this.