TAdvDBDateTimePicker causes TActionMainMenuBar submenus to malfunction

When you enter (focus) the TAdvDBDateTimepicker,
if it has Autotab = True, the TActionMainMenuBar
submenu (ActionClientItem2 -> Action2 in attached application)
does not respond to the left click, but to the right

TMainMenu is not affected.

If you exit the TAdvDBDateTimePicker then the
TActionMainMenuBar submenu works correctly.

Attached example application of the bug.
Project1.dproj (50.1 KB)
Unit1.dfm (2.2 KB)
Unit1.pas (1.4 KB)
Unit2.dfm (1.8 KB)
Unit2.pas (519 Bytes)

Project1.dpr is missing.

Project1.dpr (267 Bytes)

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

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