Component with TDBAdvSmoothDatePicker - view

I have my own component where it is

  TjstDBDatePicker = class(TAdvPanel)
    FDatePicker: TDBAdvSmoothDatePicker;
    FDataSource: TDataSource;

and I need to respond to the change of data (FDataSource.OnDataChange). The problem is that I also need to respond in a case like FDataSource.Enabled = False. That's when OnDataChange is not called. At least in my experience. This could also be solved by responding to the FDataSource.Enabled state change, which I can't catch.
I was quite surprised that even TDBAdvSmoothDatePicker itself does not respond correctly to FDataSource.Enabled = False. It always has a date field.

Exact description of the problem:

On the form I have FDTable, DataSource, VirtualStringTree (where rows are dynamically changing) and my component. It has three editorial fields.
If there are multiple rows in VST (VirtualStringTree), there is no problem when going through them. The problem arises if:
  • FDTable has only one line. I don't know if this is crucial, but it still works for me. The FDTable content itself does not change in this case
  • when creating a form, VST has a line - OK, the content of VST will change. DataSource.Enabled: = True;
  • VST has no line - OK, the contents of VST VST are changed. DataSource.Enabled: = False;
  • VST has a problem line. VST. DataSource.Enabled: = True; The edit fields are not updated. The problem is that the record / cursor does not change in FDTable. The component only responds if the field value is zero. In this case, FDataSource.OnDataChange is called.
I can't move. And solve it in every form ... So it is NOT !!!

Please note that I am not dealing with DBDatePicker itself. He is not visible.

We have investigated this and applied improvements. In the next update, the behavior will be identical to the TDBEdit (when you set AllowNumericNullValue = true)