TAdvDBDateTimePicker and Null Dates

I am using Delphi XE3 and SQL Server 2012 and TMS 6.7.3. When using the TAdvDBDateTimePicker and the DataField value is a date column that is Null and I try to run a compiled application (or from within the IDE) I get "Error reading [ColumnName].Time: You must be in ShowCheckbox mode to set to this date" The [ColumnName] is whatever column I have in DataField that is Null. I get this even when ShowCheckbox is set to True. If I set the DataField to a column that does not have a Null value I get no errors. Any ideas?

Additional information

If I put dates in the fields I'm connecting to I can run the program. While in the program I can delete all of the rows the components are linked to resulting in the components being connected to an empty dataset and still no problem. I can exit the program back to the IDE and the form with the TAdvDBDateTimePicker components will have a date/time field of the last record accessed. I can compile and run the program again with no problem. However, if I disconnect the dataset and reestablish it in the IDE then the dates in the component set themselves to 12/30/1899. Then I can no longer compile and run the program.

OK, I have this working now, in order to compile and run I had to enter dates manually in the date field of each picker. Then I have to make sure I have the form CLOSED if I disconnect the database. Then I can open the form back up and it will have dates in it. What is happening is the date field sets itself to blank if the form is open when I disconnect the database.