tAdvdbDatetimepicker not really usable if date field may be null

Hello TMS team,

I'm currently trying to phase out a component pack of the competition (LMD) for its poor high-dpi support and replacing it by TMS VCL UIPack but I find the tAdvDBDatetimepicker component to be a show stopper.

I find no way to make tAdvDBDatetimepicker behave nicely if the attached database field may be null. There's some intuitive behavior missing that I always took for granted with LMD components, like simply being able to press the [del] key to make the input appear blank. Or that the input of a [null] field stays blank until the user starts typing or clicking.

The main reason here is that this descends from the standard VCL TDateTimePicker that doesn't have support for null date fields represented by an empty value (string).
TDateTimePicker uses a checkbox to indicate a null field or not (when needed).
A possible alternative is to use the TDBPlannerDatePicker that allows to have empty text.