TAdvDBDateTimePicker behavior

Hi, two questions about TAdvDBDateTimePicker:

  1. I am unable to do that when entering the TAdvDBDateTimePicker, if the date is null, today's date does not appear and there is '- -' left to edit, is it possible?

  2. Putting NullDateFormat = '' (to be able to delete with Ctrl + Del and so that the null dates appear as '/ /' instead of 12/30/1899), if the focus is on the TAdvDBDateTimePicker, when scrolling the table data, if the date value is null, the control cannot be accessed, you have to go to another and return. If you press Ctrl + Del, the same thing happens (without scrolling), the control is locked. In both cases, displaying the calendar does not modify the value of the date, it remains blank, and it also works again when you go to another control and come back.

  1. Set the connected DB field's Date to Now in the TAdvDBDateTimePicker.OnEnter event?
  2. I'm not sure I fully understand. How is the dataset scrolled while the TAdvDBDateTimePicker keeps having focus?
  1. No.
  2. With DBNavigator.
  1. I retested this here and when the date is blank and focus is set on TAdvDBDateTimePicker, it gets today's date.

  2. When I press Ctrl-Del with NullDateFormat = ' ', it shows a completely blank date. When I change the record with the DB Navigator, it shows in the TAdvDBDateTimePicker the date value of the new active record.

  1. Yes, that is the behavior I wanted to avoid. So that today's date is not accidentally entered incorrectly in a record. It is not important, I will use the normal DateTimePicker and do a trick to bind it by code with the data table date field.
  2. The problem is that the TDBAd DateTimePicker becomes inaccessible (it does not respond to the keyboard or to changes in the calendar crop) when scrolling or Ctrl + Del, and you have to pass the focus to another control and return to be able to modify it.
    Do not worry for now, it may be that the problem is caused by me because I am using ZeosDB (and there is some incompatibility) or by some configuration of the TDBAdvGrid that I have modified incorrectly.
    I will do experiments with a clean application and with Firedac, if I discover something I will send you an e-mail.