TAdvComboBox Label


If I create AdvComboBox, set label and change parent of AdvComboBox, parent
of the label stays original



Thanks for reporting.
We have traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

After your change (advcombo.pas) to my application crashes on halt.
If i remove

if FLabel <> nil then
    FLabel.Parent := AParent;

everything works fine.

How exactly can this be reproduced?
I do not see any issue with a TAdvComboBox with a LabelCaption set and I do not see any problem changing the TAdvComboBox.Parent at runtime with or without label

I have a empty Project with a AdvCombobox. I set a labelcaption. After i close the running program it crashed with a Accessviolation.

It?s only in Delphi 7. In Toyo it works fine.

We traced this issue in Delphi 7. The next update will address this.