I don't find this componenton the palette.
I have TAdvAdvancedCharts & TMSComponentPack.

The file AdvChartLink.pas is included in the registered version, see C:\Program Files\tmssoftware\TMS Advanced Charts\ AdvChartLink.pas 
All you need to do is to add this file to the AdvChart package file and recompile it.
We can't include this file AdvChartLink.pas by default as we cannot assume that all developers will have TAdvStringGrid installed.

And now I want to display a serie with X values from 1st column and Y values from 2nd serie.
How I can make it?
On the manual I don't have see.

Sorry, this specific way to synchronize the grid with the chart is currently not yet included but this is a good suggestion that we'll consider to add in a future update.

In the last version of ADvChart i've tried to recompile with and without adding  the advchartlink.pas in the package, but the ide return me the message 'Unable to open file checklst.obj'.
Help me please...

What C++Builder version?
Try to add vclx.bpi to the requires list of the package.

Rad 2009

Did you try to add this .BPI?

I found the tadvchargerlink.pas file, but am unsure of what to do with it.  Adding it to my project and recompiling does nothing.

Please add it to AdvChart package file and recompile this package file.

when I go to compile the package file with the newly added AdvChartLink.pas, I get an error saying it cant find the TMS Advanced Charts\jpg\JConsts.pas file and it wont compile.  I am using delphi2010 and am running windows 7.  Since I'm using delphi rad studio 2010 I'm also assuming that I am to use the advchartd2010.dpk project file for adding in the advchartlink.pas file?  Thanks

Try to add a reference to VCLIMG.DCP in the requires list of the package.

I added vclimg to the requires and then it told me that I needed to add tmsd2010 to make it compatable with my delphi 2010 so i hit ok and then it compiled.  When I saved it and went back to my project the TAdvChartLink still is not showing up in my tool pallete.

As you can see in the AdvChartLink.pas source code, it DOES contain the instruction Register() with a call to RegisterComponents to register it for the tool palette.
If it doesn't appear that means the IDE is not loading the proper BPL you compiled with AdvChartLink. Check for all possible duplicates and make sure the IDE loads the right BPL.

I don't see any duplicates.  How do I see what BPL the IDE is loading and how can I change it?  Thanks.

Component, Install packages

There is only one tms advanced charts package listed and it is checked and there is only one bpl file

the file is AdvChartD2010.bpl by the way

Then something is broken in your IDE, the IDE SHOULD display the component when it executes the Register proc of the unit that is clearly available.

Everything else seems to load fine in it though....  I have the component pack and the chart pack and aside from this file, they all added without any issue.