Perhaps a trivial question but I've been unable to locate the TAdvChartLink component

I have the TMS Grids installed

The component source is included with TMS Advanced Charts but not installed by default because we can’t assume that every user has both TMS Advanced Charts & TAdvStringGrid installed simultaneously. To install TAdvChartLink, create a new package, add advchartlink.pas to it and compile & install this package.

I'm not an expert at installing pkg. I did the following but the component is still not visible

File>new>package - Delphi

Project>Add to project> located c:\user...documents\tmssoftware\tms advanced charts\advchartlink.pas


Thanks for your help


Please choose Install from the package context menu.

I'm using XE4 on Windows81; I followed the suggestions, successfully installed the AdChartLink component and drooped the Link and ChartView components on a form with an existing AdvStringGrid. The Gid shows up in the relevant ChartLink dropdown but the ChartView dropdown is EMPTY. What have I done wrong.

John Cooper

I cannot reproduce this here. Is this TAdvChartView, TAdvStringGrid and TAdvChartLink you have on the form?

If so, does it work with programmatic assign of the TAdvChartView instance to TAdvChartLink.ChartView?

may be it can be done during the automatic instal

it will be great to have a question do you want to instal tadvchart link ??