TADVChartLink Download?

It appears for whatever reason, TADVChartLink does not come with the chart package. Strange.


Is where the document PDF points me to.

Don't really get where I am suppose to download this at.

I was able to find ADVChartLink.pas in the source folder, but assume it doesn't get registered with any package. 

Found another thread finally where I just need to make my own package and install it myself since
TMS installer doesn't know if Chart Package is installed. 

So it is all in now and working.


It does not automatically get registered, since it relies on a TAdvStringGrid, available in the TMS Component Pack. You'll need to create your own package that relies on both the TMS VCL Chart and TMS Component Pack.

Thanks.. I already ended up doing that. 

Not a big issue, but a hassle maybe for when doing updates when they come out and forget to do it maybe?

Be nice maybe if the installer had a prompt to optionally install it. with warning that its dependent on component pack being installed?

Since we use a VCL Site license I have to show the other guys how to handle this all themselves which can be a fun time.