TAdvCardList scrollbar is flashing


When cursor is over the scrolling bar it is flashing, showing some part of the cards.
I tried the demo (AdvCardListDemo).
Is there any setting that can remove this flashing?
I am using Delhi XE. 
Thank you!


  AdvCardList1.DoubleBuffered := false;

It worked. Thank you

When I scrolling with mouse it steps by two items not one. How can I set it to scroll one-by one?


I have retested this here with our TAdvCardList demo app and when clicking on the scrollbar, it scrolls one column at a time. How exactly can we reproduce the problem you experience?

I would like a one column list. So I set 
ScrollBarType = sbtVertical 
Sorted = False
ReadOnly = True

I loaded lot of cards, and I try to scroll with my mouse wheel. (1..3..5..7..9)
With keyboard it is ok, it stepped one-by one. (1..2..3..4..5) 
With scrollbar it is ok.

Is it possible to set an ID (number) to each card?

How can I get the index of a clicked card?

I found it. Thanks

I tested this here with a default TAdvCardList on the form and the code:

procedure TForm5.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
 i: integer;
 ac: TAdvCard;

  for i := 0 to 10 do
      ac := advcardlist1.Cards.Add;
      ac.Caption := 'item '+inttostr(i);
      ac.ItemList[0].AsString := 'one';
      ac.ItemList[1].AsString := 'two';

and this scrolls one by one when clicking on the scrollbar up/down buttons.
What is different in your app?

Don't use the scrollbar's buttons. Click one of the cards, and then use the mouse wheel. 

This is by design. The nr. of items to scroll is defined in the operating system.
See control panel where it can be configured how much lines to scroll on the mouse wheel scroll.