TAdvCardList drag and drop cards issue


I am using AdvCardList and I face an issue with drag and drop cards so that the user can change the order. Previously once the CTRL key was pressed I could move the selected card and a green arrow appeared, how can I enable this on a card list I create by code?

Thank you for your time


Did you try to set the property AdvCardList.CardRearrange = true?

Hello Bruno,

That is correct, I use the following code:

aCardList.CardRearrange := true;
aCardList.CardRearrangeType := crFull;

I set CardRearrange = true in the included TAdvCardList demo and it works as expected.
What are you doing different from the included demo?

Hello Bruno,

This is a part of my code, I hope it helps.New folder.zip (8.0 KB)


Set Sorted = false.
It does not make sense to allow reordering and require sorting at the same time.

Correct however the behavior is still the same, cards can be moved but do not fall into the new place (and green arrow also not visible).

After setting Sorted = false, I cannot see an issue anymore here.

Unfortunately it does not work here, it works only if I place a CardList during design time. I am using AdvCardList under Delphi 10.4.2

I also tried under Delphi 11 ... anything I can do to try and catch the issue?

We investigated this deeper and saw the shortcoming.
We need to expose the OleDropTarget property for this and in the component creation, you will need to set this property to true.
This property will be exposed in the next update.

Thank you very much for looking into this!