Consistent smooth component shadow

I'm using TAdvSmoothPanels a lot. Some of them have the Shadow enabled, but the shadow "intensity" is in inverse proportion of the "side" length that generates it.

So, a grey shadow of a 50x50 pixel button (or panel) is almost black, while a full black shadow of a 1280*1024 panel is almost invisible.

Shadows should have the same overall result no matter the size of the object that generates them.

Sorry for my poor English, i am Italian.

Dear Mr. Finelli, 

The shadow is drawn in GDI+ with some constant parameters, which result in inconsistency for shadows that are larger. Unfortunately this is not easy to implement and due to performance reasons we have decided to keep the current implementation.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

I understand the GDI behaviour.... sadly It becomes a bit more weird when you use "full rounded" side:

Here you can see how the separation between the bottom and the right shadow becomes really visible.

There is also "border" bug too; I don't know if i have to open a new thread for it or it suffice to signal it here.

Thank you for your feedback, 

I have improved this and the fix will be availble in the next version.