tableview issue at rotating on iOS with detailview controls assigned


You have an issue on iOS, when my App use the gyroscope and turn horizontal or vertical and I have a tableview with detailview components assigned it shows an error.

This not happend on Windows or Android.... why?

Take a look at the next video

I saw an access violation in your video, is this the error you are referring to? Please provide more details, and a sample to reproduce this issue.

Indeed, that is the error, but happends only in iOS not Android or Windows.

Create a new project, put a TABCONTROL with al least 2 TabItems.

Inside tabitems put a tableview with items and detailview controls assigned to another controls like tableviews or fmxedit controls.

When you run the project rotate the mobile App so orientation must be in portrait or landscape modes, now change the tabitem and do the same rotate the mobile, return to the other tabitem and you see the issue

That's a strange behavior, on which RAD Studio are you testing this?

Alexandria 11.2 with latest FMX UI pack

What happend?


We have further investigated this here but unfortunately we were not able to reproduce the access violation. Please provide a proper sample, step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue. It could be a control issue, or an application issue, if so we still need to know the exact properties and steps to reproduce.