TileList iOS destroy issue


I am testing my changes from FMX to FNC UI Pack, now it's turn to see the performance on iOS.

Video below show an issue when I close my form and exist a TlistComponent inside it.

I debug 3 events: Prior to close form, formClose and formDestroy events, all pass ok but after formdestroy it gave me an access violation error.

Can you please check it on you side if you are bug free when you dropped a TileList component on iOS 16???

I've Delphi 12.1 with latest FNC components, tested on iPhone 14 PRO with iOS 16.6.1



Thank you for the report, we were able to reproduce the issue. We've applied a fix that will be part of the next update.


Is it possible that you can "reupload" a new version ASAP as your other colleague wrote in this forum? or in such case apply the fix and reupload the same version number with new binaries?

Attached an image


Please check your private messages for an incremental source update so that you can continue working without waiting for the new version.

I tested the new sources and solve the issue on iOS, thanks so much.


I used an online text compare tool (https://text-compare.com/es/) and see your differences between the latest FNC release againts the new FNCTileList sources you sent me.

I see only differences in the "FMX.TMSFNCTileList.pas" file, you don't have to sent me the other two platforms VCL and WEBLib, remmember the issue was on iOS.

It looks like you make a mistake because the new source version history add the next:

//v1.0.1.0: Improved : Added tipClient for ImagePosition
//v1.0.1.1: Fixed : Issue with SelectedItemIndex retaining value after clearing the items
// : Fixed: Issue with destroying on iOS

On the version history reported on TMS FNC you already add the tipClient for ImagePosition, so this last must be reported on the actual sources of FNC but it wasn't.

Images above show you some differences between the actual FNC released and the one you sent me.

This kind of support it's the one I was looking for a long time, so thanks again Sir

Version history was not filled in the source file itself (that is separate from the list that's on the website) before the release so we did it afterwards. The latest version that can be currently downloaded should contain the tipClient ImagePosition addition regardless, it's just a different wording for the same thing.

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