taskdialog sucks

I was user of tmsfmxuipack for years, but you announced last year was the last for that suite.

You force us to move to fncuipack, now I am in the process of moving all my entire projects to such components.

But honestly both suites are a completely disaster, I don't understand why you created buggy components that introduce problems to us.

In this case I will demostrate that taskdialog was a real pain in FMX .... now in FNC too.

Case 1 (FMX UI pack)
After I pressed the custom button "crash my app"


Case 2 (FNC UI pack)
After I closed the taskdialog it hide my form instead of let my user continue with the flow, in the video you will see I press the cancel button (Cancelar), but it happend with any selected radiobutton


What will be your excuses now for giving me support?


We understand that moving to a new framework/component set and rewriting your application can be a stressful operation. May I remind you that in the process we acknowledged this and offered to smoothen the operation and extend the period by allow you to install TMS FMX UI Pack in Delphi 12. (FMX UI Pack Delphi 12 Support (Installer) - #2 by Pieter_Scheldeman)
This way, the time and effort it takes is delayed and allows for a stress-free transition. Although, more than 2 years ago, we decided to no longer actively support and extend TMS FMX UI Pack with new components and features, we are still more than happy to assist you in the process and try our best to ease the transition by fixing bugs in Delphi 12 (tableview issue at rotating on iOS with detailview controls assigned - #23 by Pieter_Scheldeman). Unfortunately not everything lies within our power and with the complexity of the frameworks and multitude of IDEs makes it difficult to apply bug fixes.

Please also understand that the FMX framework no longer allows us to provide the best case scenario for our customers and such decisions are not made lightly. They are made to be future proof for IDE / framework upgrades.

Either way we regret the style of communication that has been applied in this post, nevertheless the responsible developer will do his/her best to address the issues you describe in your post related to the task dialog as soon as possible.

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I agree that FMX ui pack will not longer be supported by TMS, however if you offer FNC ui pack is because in some way the similar components between those frameworks will have the basic behavior.

Right now FNC task dialog "hide" my form once it closes it by any way, and that not happend with FMXTaskdialog, if my user wants to cancel the dialog or accept any action the flow of my software continue smoothly.

If you report a bug, then the normal flow is that we invest time & resources to try and find it and fix it as best as possible. But before we can do that, we need to be aware of the bug in the first place. Due to various framework dependencies, the FMX taskdialog could not simply be ported as-is, if it would be that simple we would have chosen for a copy-paste. Unfortunately this is a non-trivial task. But again, we will try our best to help you and fix the issue and again go the extra mile. My colleague who is the expert on this matter will pick up your support question soon.

Remember that actual FNC task dialog once close it... "HIDE" the parent form instead of just simply close the dialog so the rest of components below them still visible for the user.


Closing on Android is a constant issue between different IDE versions - even though the code remains the same the behavior changes.

If you are on the latest version, there should be an UseIsOpen public property that is enabled by default (keep in mind it's only available for FMXMOBILE). It's a switch between two closing mechanisms, so try to set it to False programmatically before opening the dialog and report back.

If the issue remains or it introduces a new one then please let us know the details and your setup so we can try to reproduce it here.

It does not work

Normally the UseIsOpen should have at least solve the second issue.
It's really not clear how to reproduce these issues based on two recordings, we cannot see what is happening code-wise.

^More specifically, IDE + Android version. Ideally a sample project that can reproduce these would help to track down what is happening, but code snippets are also fine as long as they are able to reproduce the issue in a new empty project.

Just to let you know that I am working FMX UI Pack on Athens without any trouble with the tmsdefs.inc file you provide me, I mean it has the issue I report you back, but it compiles my App fine.

I added to your "tmsdefs.inc" the next lines in order to work:

{$ZEROBASEDSTRINGS ON} // Para el error en Delphi 12

That's because the new compiler, so if any other FMX UI pack old user want a temporary solution this can works.

Also I have to comment the next line of the file FMX.TMSMemo.pas in order to my App compiles:

procedure TAdvUndoList.Delete(Index: integer);
// Eliminado para compatibilidad con Delphi 12
// inherited;

This is my contribution for any TMS customer