TTMSFNCRibbonForm versus High DPI / Per Monitor v2


Any plan for making TTMSFNCRibbonForm compatible with Per Monitor v2? I feel that the Ribbon need some love :slight_smile:


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There are plans to add high DPI support to FNC (and the ribbon), but there is currently no timeframe unfortunately.

Somehow I don't understand this, there has been a ticket for this since at least 2018.
As a paying customer, I kind of struggle with the response "We don't have time for you".
HDPI has caught up with us all and we can't shy away from it anymore.
While it's nice to see TMS Web pushed - there are other developers who don't currently need this.

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We are aware high DPI is something that is very important and we discussed the best possible approach mid 2020, planning an implementation for 2021 but unfortunately there are a lot of things that has crossed our path. Microsoft dropping Internet Explorer support to give an example shifted high DPI as we needed to implement a browser that would serve as a future proof base for our products. FNC has grown significantly and we want to make sure that when saying it is high DPI enabled that each and every component has been tested in a high DPI environment. There are currently ongoing developments and as soon as those developments are finished, High DPI is next on the list. We still stand for helping every customer as fast as possible but we also want to focus on quality rather than quantity and this takes time and effort. Hoping for your understanding.