AdvListEditor - doesn't work on HighDPI


AdvListEditor doesn't work on HighDPI. Tested on 150%.
Drop a component on a form and run. Switch to 150%. the typing font is tiny. No code is required, just compile and run. C++ Builder 10.4.2 running on Windows 10.

Also, why the simple component like that requires to use Wininet.h ??? InternetOpenW and others. I literally dropped that component on the form and it uses InternetOpenW??

We addressed both issues.
The next update will have these improvements.

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Dear Mr. Fierens,

Do you ever test your releases?

Now the typing looks OK on high DPI, but the popup (lookup values) is super-huge, probably doubled the DPI size!

Illustrating the popup (lookup) again at 150%. "conta" is the size the popup is supposed to have.

This appeared to be 10.4 specific. In Delphi 11 all is fine.
We sent you an incremental source update.