Support for FireUI Live Preview

Hi there,

Is there any tutorial or post to make  TMS FireMonkey Pack work with FireUI Live preview in Delphi 10.1 berlin.

Karim Kouni 


It's unclear if this is related to the TMS FMX UI Pack but these pages explain how to setup live preview. Are there any issues with the TMS FMX UI Pack components in combination with Live Preview?


TMS FMX UI is not registered in the shipped FireUI Live Preview. I just need know how to modify the source code of live preview to make TMS FMX Pack work in Live Preview. Something like this blog post about adding TChart in live Preview.



If you want to show a TTMSFMXGrid for example you would need to modify the Regs unit with:

unit Regs;


  System.Classes, FMX.Controls, FMX.ImgList, FMX.TMSGrid;



  // Register here any component that is not previously registered by the framework



Do I have to do it for all components. is there a Regs unit already amended.


There is currently no support for the FireUI Live Preview, we still need to investigate how we can register all controls. Currently you need to manually register controls you are using at designtime.

I have found that the TMS lack of support for live preview is frustrating.

For example I have used the Delphi tab control. I can see this in live preview.

I have then switched to the TMS equivalent component. Unfortunately I can not see this in live preview.

This makes it frustrating to design my forms on various Android devices.
I hope that TMS will find a way to allow this in the future.


We are currently investigating this here.


We have investigated this here, but it's still unclear how to make sure the component is active and available at designtime without any changes in the Regs.pas file in the LivePreview application. The default LivePreview application also clearly states:

// Register here any component that is not previously registered by the framework

We have already applied RegisterClasses, RegisterFMXClasses in all our components, but still the LivePreview application doesn't show them at designtime. It seems manually editing the Regs.pas file in the LivePreview application is currently the only working solution. 

That is what Steema software did as well. I suggest that you post the changes needed to the Regs.pas so users can add the modifications as per their needs.