Design time preview like VSC

A truly phenomenal feature of TMS Web Core for Visual Studio Code is the ability to display template HTML code at design time while building a form.
Really a great convenience, since I can build the visual form with Bootstrap (external tools) and display it on the form in Pascal, and the responsive at design time works too!
It is really very easy therefore to "hook" the Db fields or the "Delphi" elements through ElementId and the same adapt themselves to the HTML fields in real time. All at design time!
What is my request? Simple:
When will we have this possibility in Delphi?
I have a hundred complicated forms to port from VCL...
Thank you!

Have you used the live preview TMS WEB Core : Live preview from the Delphi IDE - YouTube
and who knows what might be coming in the future....

  1. I didn't know you could use Live Preview on WebCore.
  2. I didn't know that there was a TMS Tool Bar :joy:

I've only been working with it for years.

Maybe this is helpful for you :wink:

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ok for live preview, but you known that there is very different;
In VSC I see the HTML template result direct on .pas form, and it is responsive while I resize the form, a design time :slight_smile:
Fields associated via ElementID are immediately visually linked on the HTML elements of the template. This is a tremendous advantage, especially if you work with forms that have many fields and the result must be responsive. Virtually no preview is needed because the final form (.pas+html) is already in front of you during design-time.
If this were possible in Delphi...

We cannot promise anything as you will understand this is extremely complex.
If you had been to the last week though, ...

For now you can use TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code if this feature is critical for you.

We will see next year...
Where can I find the sources of the example that is in the video?

Under Demo\Basics\Template UI